Laminar Air Flow

Vertical laminar flow units 

According to necessity:

The product is manufactured to protect the operator and the environment, the operator from harmful effects of the product, and the effect of the environment on the product.

It provides high safety standards for processing solid, powder and liquid materials. It holds 99.995% of 0.3μm particles. ISO 14644 class 5 requirements.

Application Areas

In our products, we use filters with "gel filling seal". For this reason, the problem of sealing between the unit where the filter is installed and the filter is the best filter type that can be used from the top. The gel-filled gasket system is designed to be pressed slightly under the special filter casings, which are the knife-back seats, and can be seated only from the top. Due to the softness and stickiness of the gel, leakage between the casing and the filter is easily ensured. The gel used is not fluid in the channel in the filter casing, and it is automatically restored very quickly after the filter is removed. Since it does not contain toxic substances in its contents, it does not cause any contamination in its environment. If required silk or microperfore stainless steel can be used. It can be manufactured  in desired sizes, with legs or hangers. Special fan with Ec motor, high efficiency and low sound level and PID control are used.


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